Sunday, March 27, 2011

the series continues: kitchen curtains

Another weekend and no new products for viewing.  It has been a bit hectic lately so there is a good excuse for not showing anything new today.  I have been in a "remodel the house" kind of mood though.  Weird.  So to honor that mood, the series (y'know the series that began with unique picture frame) continues with our homemade kitchen curtains!

When we bought our house in May 2009, I wasn't too excited about the bay (like) windows in the kitchen.  I have never really liked bay windows anyway.  They remind me of something straight up from the 80s.  And I am not a fan of fashion, trends, and ESPECIALLY music (unless it's country music) from the 80s.  I know, I am weird.  Here is what I was working with...

This was after we had painted it a guacamole green, which I LOVE!!!!  My husband wasn't too thrilled about it, but it sure does beat it being white which it was when we moved in.  How boring.  Plus we have navy blue countertops.  Again not my first choice, but they have grown on me.  They look great with my kitchen decor and colors (green, blue, orange, and yellow).  Now back to the curtains...

I knew that I wanted something different from the rest of the house when it came to window dressings for the kitchen.  The only window in the house that had blinds on it when purchased was the tiny window in the master bathroom.  We had bought blinds for 7 of the windows so blinds were out in the kitchen.  I wanted the kitchen to stand out and be different.  I was leaning more towards roman shades, because I wanted something to cover the entire window at night-time.  I get MAJORLY freaked out at night when the windows are open thinking that someone is looking in.  Creepy.

Do you know how much roman shades cost?!  Not to mention 3 custom roman shades?!  And do you know how much a cheap-o I am?!  A special thanks goes to my mom for giving the inspriation to make my very own kitchen curtains.  And voila!

My custom kitchen curtains.  I made all 3 for around $25!  Very thrifty.  Here's the breakdown:
-one bed spread of fabric from Urban Outfitters:  clearanced to $4.99
-3 spools of navy ribbon from Hobby Lobby:  $2.00 each (they were 50% off)
-Liquid Stitch from Hobby Lobby:  $2.50 (also 50% off)
-3 tension rods from Wal-Mart:   $3.97 each (11.91 total)
Grand Total:  $25.40 plus tax
I am not much of a sewer so it was MUCH easier to use Liquid Stitch instead of my sewing machine.  It wasn't until over a year later when I actually used the sewing machine to make our master bedroom curtains. 

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