Wednesday, March 30, 2011

it's a celebration with a discount

It's getting close...VERY CLOSE.

My birthday weekend is next weekend.  eek!  How old will I be?  Well, older than I feel I should be.  I still think of myself as a 17ish year old.  It's crazy to to think I am another year old.  Sadly once I hit 21, all birthday years have been not-so-thrilling.  I have enjoyed my celebrations though...just not the new number that I turn.

To kick off my birthday week through the birthday weekend (that's 10 days of celebrating!), I am doing a discount store-wide!  (Get excited people!)  You too can celebrate my wonderful, new number by getting a 27% discount in the LBT Store.  (And yes, I will be 27.  3 away from 30.  Not too thrilled about that at all.)

Don't forget that Easter is roughly 3 weeks away and your loved ones would love an ellebeeTee Originals gift.

I will post the discount code on the blog and facebook page on Thursday evening. 

Happy Shopping!

and happy 27th birthday to me on April 8.  :)

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