Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my tiny experience as a wireless/computer engineer

Who would have guessed that I should have paid more attention in my Intro to Software Engineering class while at Auburn?  uh, NOT me! 

Just a little background:  Entering in to Auburn University as a freshman, I had this brilliant plan to be a wireless engineer.  So that didn't work about too well because of stupid physics.  I knew I was in trouble when by the second class we had gone over an entire year's worth of material from my high school physics class.  Not good.  And it just got worse from there.  No need to relive bad memories.  (Very soon after I found out that physics and I don't get along no matter in high school or in college, I changed my major to Finance.)

So the only think that I can remember from my Intro class is how to do a page break in html form.  <br>  That's what that means.

Page breaks don't really seem to help me when it comes to designing...more like creating and then designing my own website.  Thank goodness for the wonderful internet (special thanks goes out to Al Gore...eh, not really) where I can research and have handy step by step instructions on this foreign language. 

If anyone out there in blogland/internet land wants to give me a few helping hands/advice on how to rev up my website/blog, please let me know.  Comments are appreciated and you just might get a nice surprise in the mail from me.  That is only if I get some free advice and your address.

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