Tuesday, April 26, 2011

summer lovin' project

Summer is just around the corner and Memorial Day will be here before we know it.  We have made it part of our tradition to go to the beach as much as possible during the summer starting with Memorial Day weekend. 

Last summer I decided that I needed to make a beach blanket for our many trips to the beach.  It's nice to sit in a chair, but sometimes you just need to lay down and take a nap in the sun (and wake up some odd minutes later to find you are officially friend.  ah the beach).  How in the world would I find cheap enough fabric to make a large beach blanket?  Then it hit me.  I have a ton of college T-shirts that are either A) too little, B) have armpit stains, C) both A and B.  So why not sew together my college shirts to make a beach blanket.  boo ya.  Problem solved.  So I gathered 20 T-shirts and started the process.

The 20 Auburn T-shirts I decided to use.

The next task was learning to sew in a straight line.  Not going to lie.  It wasn't the best straight line ever sewn, but they would have to do.

Close enough to straight

Row by row it slowly came together.  4 rows with 5 T-shirts in each row isn't an easy task and it's very time-consuming.

Row 1

Row 2
Honestly I can't even remember how many long hours long it took to complete this project.  It wasn't a speedy project especially with my novice sewing skills.  I think it turned out really cute though.  I have gotten so many compliments while being on the beach.

the final product!

Just to show you how big it is:  the size of our king bed.

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